About Us

Co-creators Kim Coghlan and Mandy Ouellette have always had an indescribable bond that goes beyond their Aunt and Niece relationship. As much as they are one and the same in their thoughts, beliefs & practices they are very unique in their attention levels, strengths and gifts! Mandy is the calm, organized, loving and gentle soul. Kim is the energetic, creative “attention dialled to a higher dimension” soul. Together they are magic. After thousands of hours of events, personal growth courses, and spiritual work, they are both very intuitive, reiki masters, certified card readers and empowerment coaches. 

They have always believed that each one of us has a little light inside that is our unique spark. It has been their passion to empower others to find this. This is why A Little Light was created, so that this energy can spread good intentions one little light at a time. 

Mandy & Kim believe living intentionally is the key to creating your best life. A Little Light candle is unlike any other candle. It is an experience, a feeling, an intentional purchase to ignite the light inside for yourself and others. Each and every one of the candles has been infused with positive energy through Reiki. 

We are very grateful that you have chosen our brand. This will be your favourite candle! Thank you for bringing a little light home💫